5 comments on “Future of Lightbulbs

  1. This infographic really puts how much electricity is used by individuals and companies into perspective. It begins to show the true cost of electricity (outside of just financial terms) by illustrating how much labor would have to be done by humans, hamsters, wind turbines, etc. to supply that same amount of electricity. I think this makes the numbers more personal and more tangible, which helps viewers better understand that the true cost involves more than just money.

  2. Wow, this is shocking! So to light a room with an incandescent light bulb for one hour would require over one million hamsters spinning their wheels whereas it wouldn’t even take a whole wind turbine to create the same power? I think my family is below average for light consumption in our house but we do have one of our lamps on a timer and I keep trying to tell my dad that we shouldn’t. He likes it because oftentimes when we leave our house, the lamp will come on and make it appear that someone is home for security reasons. However, I don’t feel that I live in an unsafe area and I don’t think it is worth it to keep the lamp on when we are not home.

  3. This definitely taught me a lot about the significance of conserving electricity. However, If I had to run on a treadmill for 30 minutes just to provide 60 watts of lighting for 2.5 hours ALL the time, I would be in killer shape 🙂 It was interesting to see that the average cost of electricity in a household is $283/yr. In my household, we keep motion-sensored night lights around the house, so that we don’t have to keep too many lights on during the evening. Those only stay on for about a minute after activation, so it still saves electricity. Even during Christmas, we don’t pay $2,000 to have our house professionally decorated with lights outside PLUS the electricity bill for it. Instead, we manually put up about 2-3 streams of lights outside our house, which my dad activates with a timer, in order to cut down on costs.

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