5 comments on “Decoding Food Labels

  1. Before I watched the movie Food Inc. I thought that eating organic food was just a hype and I never thought too much about the food I was eating, however after watching the movie I pay close attention to the food that I eat. I eat much less processed and/or packaged food and when it comes to red meat, poultry, and eggs I now only eat organic.

  2. Before watching Food Inc. I had never really taken GMOs in food seriously. I thought organic food was a waste of money and that it provided the same nutrients as regular food. However, after I watched I was horrified at what I was eating. Now I make a conscious effort to eat less processed food and/or packaged food and I only buy organic poultry, red meat, and eggs.

  3. I have wondered what is the problem with genetically modified foods, besides that they sound strange and sci-fi ish. According to this, the problem is that we don’t know what the effects will be. It amazes me that we are able to modify the dna of organisms at all, and then we eat them without much regard to what follows! What a strange world we live in.

  4. I loved this blog post. Food and nutrition is very fascinating to me because (I am guilty of it) but I feel that so many people put things into their bodies and don’t realize potential risks of it! I remember watching a show, I believe it was Dr. Oz, and he said never eat anything that has 6 or more ingredients on the label and never eat anything that has an ingredient that you can’t pronounce. Even though I have not always abided by these rules, they are still in the back of my head every time I look at a nutrition label. I do believe that it is very important to eat whole foods and things that are natural and I would like to follow in that lifestyle more.

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