2 comments on “‘Progress’

  1. I dont understand why people are the way they are! Dont the remember cut one tree plant three more! The land is being destroyed from people and not being replaced!

  2. I agree with this comment very much. Men pat themselves on the back for creating something new and grand even if it destroys something natural and beautiful. It’s as though something cannot be respected unless it is made from nothing, like a building or skyscraper. This comment is a great summation/criticism of human nature; we have such double standards concerning the things that we’ve made ourselves versus things that we take for granted (like nature)– things that we wrongly assume will always be here. This quotation definitely makes me think about showing respect to my environment, whether it’s natural or manmade. Our world would look very different if cutting down a tree was considered vandalism just as much as spray paint on a building.

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