2 comments on “the endless printing demands of the classroom

  1. Thankfully, the default setting on the library printers is now double-sided. This was unfortunate when I accidentally, without thinking, printed bus tickets double sided, but otherwise it’s cool. Also, I’m not even sure why people bother printing out powerpoints. Not only does it waste paper, it wastes MONEY. Why print the powerpoint when you can write on it on the computer, or go completely old school and just write IN a notebook? I just never understood.

  2. I write a lot of papers for my major, so I’ve had plenty of issues with running out of ink at the most inconvenient time. I was sick of spending the money to buy brand new ink cartridges. A few months ago, I discovered Inkspot and started to refill my ink there. It is so much better than buying a new ink cartridge! I have saved more money and plastic over the past few months by going to Inkspot, so definitely check it out!

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